How to Play



Your goal is to black out your opponents squares. Hit the ball onto a lit square and it goes out. Get out all your opponents squares, YOU WIN!


Game Select

Press and hold the reset button for 2 seconds(button is located under the table and is glowing red)

There is now 4 colored squares, dropping a ball on one of these twice activates that game.

Green Square: 12 large squares to black out, Fast and fun

Teal Square: 30 squares to black out, Bring your skills

Blue Square: Hitting a stripe slides it to your side, Easy???

Purple Square: Just like Blackout 30 but without serve mode, perfect for younger ones to have fun!


Basic Play


If you have a white square flashing its your turn to serve. Drop the ball on the white square once. Now serve just like ping pong, hit the ball so it lands on your side first and bounces to your opponents. The hit on your side doesn’t count against you.


Hit your opponents lit squares to black them out, the object is to black out all of them so keep the volley going as long as possible. NO BLOCKING!


Black out all of your opponents squares before they get yours and you win!