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More than Ping Pong

TapGlo is a physical gaming and training platform.  Born from table tennis, TapGlo is an all new competitive sport.  Your Goal, black out your opponents squares before they get yours.


An all new Sport

Although its roots are in table tennis, TapGlo is an all new highly competitive sport. Choose from multiple games and difficulty levels. The TapGlo platform can also be used as a training aid, use our predefined training regiments that improve skill and track progress, or create your own using our SDK.

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The Founders

Tom Stringham

Tom is the owner of imagineFORM, located in New York. Tom has spent his entire life building and tinkering.

Tom’s interest in building started at an early age when he took apart his father's electric razor and turned it into a mini lathe. Although his creation worked perfectly, his dad wasn’t so thrilled that he destroyed his razor.

ImagineFORM’s primary focus is product research and Development and short run high skill production, although Tom never turns down a challenge and is likely to entertain all manner of cool projects!


Ben Hencke

I was born in Bonny Doon, a sparse assemblage of rural folk in the Santa Cruz mountains. I grew up with chickens, cats, dogs, rabbits, horses, some cows, a pond full of tiny fish, all sorts of wild critters, and at least one goat. The oldest of 4 kids, we had a beautiful 10 acres to explore and conquer. Over the years we had made 4 tree houses, one of which had 3 stories at one point in time.

I've been blessed with an amazing wife and family. I still live close to my brother and sisters and we hang out often. These guys mean the world to me.